Anne Swiderski

  Acrylic, Mixed Media, Collage

Born in Montreal, Anne Swiderski grew up living on the outskirts of a small northern town in Ontario where rivers, bogs and marshes cut through large tracts of boreal forest, which left deep impressions on her.


She attended the Ottawa School of Art and Ottawa University,  and has exhibited locally, in Montreal, and in New York State. Her paintings can be found in private collections mainly across Canada, but also in the United States and in Germany.  She has had artworks purchased by the Government of Canada and local government, and has won several awards, both jury’s and members’ choice.


“I use colour, form and shape as a visual dance.  When I paint I travel to an inner place of intensity and vibrancy to express nature’s perfect beauty.  I feel very connected to nature, but not as something outside of myself.  It’s a feeling of coming home, of immersing myself in life energy, and in the living perfection that it creates.”

Miniatures available

Emergence 2
Emergence 3
Tickle My Fancy 1
Tickle My Fancy 2
Tickle My Fancy 3
Wetlands Blue 14
Wetlands 10

Available Works 

Sold Works

The Sentinels Mixed Media 36 x 27 91 x 69 cm $995
Sunset on the Pond
The Highands 6
Oh Happy Day
The Highlands 3
Shimmering Pine Les pins scintillent acrylique 20 x 20
I Am rooted Here 2
Un point de lumière
2014 Anne Swiderski Autumn Reflections R
The Highlands 8
Shall We Got Out And Play 2
Love That Fresh Fallen Snow
Pretty In Pink
Golden Stones
Dancing Light
Earth Wind & Sky, The Gatineau River