Edible Art at the Galerie & Les Fougères


Galerie Old Chelsea continued its 25th anniversary celebration with a unique dining experience and exhibition to blend the artist’s palette with the gourmet palate.

Attendees enjoyed cocktails at the Galerie amid works of art that conveyed the artist's eternal fascination with food and drink. Drinks were followed by a delicious and artfully presented dinner at Les Fougères restaurant.

This sold-out event was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by all. Thank you for joining us to celebrate this momentous occasion!

"Artistic morsels set to celebrate a milestone"

– The Low Down to Hull & Back News

Chelsea Days at the Galerie

Galerie Old Chelsea had a lot going on in the beautiful gardens behind Les Fougères restaurant during this year's Chelsea Days festival, including art, live music, and delicious refreshments from the restaurant.

In addition to hosting a special small-works art show, the Galerie's artists worked with visitors to create pieces of an artistic puzzle. This community art project was a big hit—thanks to all who participated!

The Galerie also held an artist contest. Each of the Galerie's artists created a painting based on a theme: "A Day in Chelsea", and visitors could win a prize by voting for their favourite painting. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Edible Art at the Galerie Old Chelsea
Chelsea Days at the Galerie Old Chelsea

Fashion Show at the Galerie

As a part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, the Galerie Old Chelsea held a fashion show to illustrate how art can be enjoyed all the time in many different ways.

Artists Donna Troop and Diane Lemire presented contemporary, wearable art, including scarves, vests, jackets, tunics, skirts and hats. The pieces are made with vibrant, hand-dyed fabrics, silks, wool, felt pieces, and found objects. Each piece is unique.

Jean-Pierre Doyon presented beautifully crafted leather bags, shoes, and hats. Nancy Sutton's bracelets, necklaces, and earrings capture the warmth of mineral and the light of semi-precious stones.

"Don't just hang it, adorn yourself in beautiful art"

– The Low Down to Hull & Back News