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“This Moment In Time” by Traven Benner

November 18 to December 4  

VERNISSAGE: Sunday November 20, 1 to 4 pm


Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the new series by Traven Benner about his fascination by the fact that the hills of Gatineau Park were once mountains, and that Ottawa was once covered by the Champlain Sea. This series of paintings were inspired by his sense of wonder by learning of this past and by his many hikes through this evocative landscape.


Traven’s paintings are about the movement of water throughout its life-giving cycle, be it over rock, through the soil or the root systems of plant-life, as it both erodes and nourishes the landscape. Waterfalls aerate water, enriching it with increased oxygen levels, resulting in a healthier water system.


Waterfalls are timeless connectors between the present and the past. Explains Traven: “The vapours from these waters have an otherworldly quality, evocative of a spirit leaving its body. Visually, water in vertical form embodies the entire water system and has led me to think of this series of paintings as something approaching portraiture.”


Traven Benner took to art as a child and was taught by his artist father Tom Benner.  He went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queen's University.

"A Touch of Warmth"

December 7 to 31


Its that most wonderful time of year again!! And here at the Galerie, we are celebrating the beauty of winter with a little something to warm the toes!! As a collective, we appreciate the beauty of this season and have created a show to add a little sun in your home. Warm and cozy is where we lean in winter, and it is as nature intended: the days are shorter, the nights are longer, so the heart of the home and the hearth is where we gather.  

Come and see what our amazing artists have created with this show that generates warm and vibrant colors.  Celebrating the beauty of the season but with a twist of vibrant reds, yellows, and gold.  Our group show is certain to warm the spirit. 

Coming Exhibits - 2023

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February 17 to March 5 - Duane Henricks

March 10 to March 26 - Rene Charlevoix

March 28 to April 2 - School Show

April 7 to Apirl 23 - Julie Denoncourt

Apirl 28 to May 14 - Danielle Beaulieu

May 19 to June 4 - Catherine Veilleux

June 9 to June 25 - Gordon Harwood

June 30 to July 16 - Karen MacKay

July 21 to August 6 - Lucie Willemsen and Pat Carbonneau

August 11 to August 27 - Ginney Fobert

September 1 to September 18 - Caroline Bertrand

September 22 to October 8 - Rob Fillion

October 13 to October 29 - Brian Turner

November 3 to November 19 - Marianne Feaver

November 24 to December 10 - Beth McCubbin

December 14 to December 31 - Erin Thibault