"In The Garden" by Erin Thibault 

Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the beautiful garden paintings by ErinThibault whose work is inspired by her deep appreciation of nature. Erin’s art began with her garden where, just as in art, one must see the big shapes, arrange colours harmoniously and marry textures. 

Primarily self-taught, Erin has taken workshops in France, painted plein air in Provence and travelled in Eastern and Western Canada and throughout the American Southwest and Arizona, painting en route, initially with small studies, which later inspired her larger studio abstracts and landscapes. 

Erin Thibault paints what she observes in her natural surroundings and in this way shares her deep appreciation of its beauty, whether it be trees heavy with snow, light reflecting on our great rivers and lakes or the yellows and burnt reds of the desert. Says Thibault: “Our natural world works symbiotically and effortlessly in its cycle of sleep and regeneration, taking only what is needed to sustain life. Even as the garden wilts and decays, its purpose is to renew other life forms. Can we also as a species learn to live in complete harmony with nature, being part of the circle of life and honouring its fine balance - its incredible harmonious perfection?


Join Erin in a walk “In The Garden” as she translates her love and appreciation for it.”

Note: For every painting sold at the Galerie during her show, Erin will plant a tree. 


















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